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2021 Career Launcher Fund

Made possible by generous donors, including the Gordon Eberts Prize


The RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) was excited to announce the 5th annual Career Launcher Fund for graduating students. Emerging artists and designers were invited to apply for a funding opportunity relating to career supports and skills building as they transitioned out of school. Proposed expenses included anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success and activities fell in one of the four funding pillars: 

  • Showcasing or distributing your work 
  • Skills development 
  • Access to networks 
  • Supporting your creative business 

A jury consisting of representatives from Xpace, Faculty of Art and Faculty of Design made selections. In 2021, the Fund awarded 62 applications from individuals and collectives of OCAD University from a selection of over 70 applicants. 

This opportunity is made possible by generous donors, including the Gordon Eberts Prize.



All Undergraduate and Master's students graduating in 2021

Ada Bierling

To assist with the launch of an independent publication.


Adrian Brendan Geary

To support an online creative practice through Shopify.


adé abegunde

An OCAD U Continuing Studies "Intro to Project Management" course to improve skills as a creative producer.


Aidan Wilkins

To take classes in 3D modelling and animation. To submit work in competitions for the opportunity to showcase work.


Alexander Rondeau

To print and mail out materials for an upcoming exhibition.


Alizah Hashemy

To assist with the set up of an online business.


Andrea Veintimilla

To help with the growth of Amano, an online start-up marketplace for Ecuadorian creatives.


Andrew Ng-Lun

For a Firebase membership, and online courses in Flutter, Firebase, Angular, UX Design.



To take courses in Revit and AutoCAD for employment in architecture.


Becky Wu

To take courses in Artstation, Code Academy, Spine 2D, RPG Maker MV.


Chris A Leithead

To take a course in Hover domain name registry, Udemy SEO course.


Claire Heidinger

To support with the materials for the opening of an upcoming exhibition.


David Khazam

For Logic Pro and Motion.


Davis Ladouceur

A George Brown Continuing Education course BUS 9117: How to Start a Small Business.


Dayna Konopelny

A George Brown Continuing Education course BUS 9117: How to Start a Small Business


Elfy (Nemrod Elfer Castro Delgado)

For Shapr3D.


Elyse Longair

For Universities Art Association of Canada and CAA membership.


Eric Glennie Windhager

To assist with a zine for artist communities.


Fatima Raza

For ZBrush and a CARFAC membership.


Fiona Barnes-Brisley

To assist with the creation of a visual, emotion-packed book of stories by Shakespeare.


Francisco Samayoa

For Octane, CG axis, Domestica.


Hailey Kobrin

For and to assist with showcasing and distributing an independent publication.


Hau Thanh Pham

To take a course on Skillshare and for a Carfac membership.


Janai Redman

For LEED Green Associate certification.


Jeremy Saya

For Max MSP, Fritzing, TSV Max MSP workshops (Max MSP: Visual Interactive Programming for Installation and The Art of Sound Recording, Vimeo Plus, MTL Connect Digital Spring Full Conference.


Jevonne Peters

For Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) membership, College of Art Association Student (CAA) membership.


Jiin Park

For Design+Code, Principle, Awwards: Advanced Prototyping and Awwards: Animated is Better.


Jin Zhang

To take an OCAD U Continuing Studies in Video, Animation, Sound, Game Design.


Jun Li

For a membership to TouchDesigner, an "immersive & interactive HQ" teaching advanced techniques and skills.


Kainat Ahmad

To assist with showcasing and distributing work.


Leah Liu

To assist with materials for showcasing works.


Lina Wu

To assist with materials for showcasing works.


LinJuan Dai

For a business license.


Loraine Luong

For a project that explores cross-cultural identity and duality.


Mackenzie Southey

To take a George Brown Revit for Architecture course.


Maria Shirokova

For a domain and annual subscription to the"Can You Hear the Drawing" platform.


Meghan Cooper

For a website domain at Big Cartel and to support Meghan's business, Basic Goodness Clothing.


Meng Zhao

For, The Habit Factory and Designcode course


Michael Hu

For a submission fee to Agencyaccess.


Mihyun Maria Kim

For Kunstmatrix, memberships to Mississauga Arts Council and CARFAC.


Mingjun Guo

For Ceramics Apprenticeship and VPN, and a course on Skillshare.


Nadiya Svirsky

For a screen printing course and one-on-one mentorship at Open Studio.


Nina Margaret Fereiro

For YCBS-265, Financing and Business Models in Creative Industries at McGill University.


Olivia Mae Sinclair

To support Olivia's artistic practice and career in screen printing.


Quinn Branch

To assist with showcasing and distribution of "Friends" publication.


Rapheal Qaiser

To showcase work through Webflow.


Rebecca Van Fraassen

To rent Sennheiser ME66 kit with boom pole and DJI RS2 Gimbal Mount for 1 week; to submit work into Film Festivals (Film Freeway).


Salisa Jatuweerapong

To take a 10-week Masterclass with Kat Tsai.


Samantha Christina Lance

To support "A Breath of Fresh Air" a group exhibition for Samantha's thesis.


Sebastian Pines

For a 1-year Shopify subscription.


Shabad Sandal

For a web domain, auto rig for Blendr, KenTools Facebuilder for Blendr.


Shahrzad Soroosh

For Agency Access Creative Directory.


Sid Sharp

To assist in the distribution of "The Burden", a full-length graphic novel as part of Sid's thesis.


Siyun (Celina) Tong

For BringYourOwnLaptop membership and Canva.


Sonya Sheina

For a Women in Film membership and RenderStreet Render Farm.


Supanitch (Melody) Juthamongkol

For memberships to Vancouver Metal Arts Association and Craft Ontario's recent graduate membership, submission fees to Beaux-Arts, the Earring Show, Co-Adorn Camp show.


Sydney Cooling-Sturges

For BrainStation's User Interface Design Certificate course.


Terry Dang

For software subscriptions for ZBrush 2021 and Marmoset ToolBag 4. To assist with some of the costs associated with taking Brainstorm School ZB1: Intro to ZBrush.


Timothy Youhyun Cho

To take The Art of Sound Recording 2 parts (Trinity Square Video), and to attend workshops by InterAccess and Trinity Square Video.


Valerie Yuk Fai Poon

For CodeAcademy and Interaction Design for 6 months.


Vincy Lim

To assist with showcasing and distributing work in a gallery space.


Wing Sum Lee

For a membership to Textile Museum of Canada and to showcase and distribute work.


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