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Vanessa McKernan Studio. Photo courtesy of Partial Gallery

2019-20 Partial Gallery Submissions



Partial Gallery and OCAD University are excited to announce a new partnership and opportunity for current OCAD U students and alumni. The selected artists/designers will be given complimentary 1 year Pro Accounts on Partial and inclusion as featured artists within the OCAD University Artist Showcase on Partial’s online platform in order to showcase their works, and administrate artwork sales and rentals.

The benefits of a Pro Account and inclusion on the OCAD U Hub are:

  • Dedicated artist profile page
  • Active promotion of your work by OCAD U's Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers
  • Listing on Partial’s artist directory
  • Smart insights about your artwork
  • Pricing Guide
  • E-commerce capabilities for art sales plus rental & payment plans for your art
  • Trade Access: access to set decorators, designers, and stagers
  • Priority Artist support
  • Insurance Protection on all art rentals/rent-to-own plans
  • Low 16% transaction fee on any sale/rental

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Shlomi Amiga

Shlomi Amiga a Toronto based photographer who specializes in creative portraiture and photographic storytelling. His work revolves around people, the spaces they inhabit, and everything that is in between. It helps him connect, learn, and make a positive change for the people that he documents.

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Maya Skarzenski

Maya Skarzenski is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and designer working between Ottawa and Toronto. She completed her BFA in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University where she was awarded the Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award.

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Suhmer Hyatt

Suhmer Hyatt's portfolio is a living love letter to her evolution as a designer, as a person, and to all of the people who have walked beside her to get here. Along the way, she learned front-end web development as well as illustration.

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Devon Pryce

Devon’s work explores issues of anxiety, the mundane and displacement. Devon is interested in the mechanisms humans use to manipulate their surroundings, and the influence those measures have on the psyche. By a process that often crosses digital media with oil painting, the narrative subject matter exists in a space between fabrication and reality. 

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Jason Zante

Jason Zante is a Filipino- Canadian artist based in Toronto. He received his B.DES in Graphic Design from OCAD U  in 2020. With a multidisciplinary background, he specializes primarily in digital artwork and mural installation.With an affinity for vibrant palettes, Jason's pieces create a sensorial experience to amplify the narrative.

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Morris Wazney

While working in a wide range of materials Morris Wazney seeks to find ideal materials to express her artistic vision. This has led to a body of work of bronze casting, found objects, collage, installation performance, and public art. Morris explores the tenuous nature of fragile materials while also executing projects make in a variety of metals. 

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Corynn Kokolakis

After giving up painting for over a decade to raise her family, Corynn has reinvigorated her practice, merging the disparate roles of mother and artist. A figurative oil painter and mom of three, her work naturally centres care work and human development.

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Haley Parker

Haley Parker is a Toronto-based creative interested in fashion, art + culture, publications, and photography; producing work in both film and digital. She attended OCAD University for BFA Photography.                                                            

 Partial Gallery page

Sarah Klawiter

Sarah Klawiter is an abstract artist based in Toronto who works by painting and drawing. Her paintings are inspired by her everyday life, turning what she sees into her own abstracted world—negative and positive spaces— and the new unexpected shapes within them.

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Lucy Hare

Lucy Hare's works are usually intuitively abstracted organic forms and structures, imagined from her discoveries out in the natural world.  During the pandemic, Hare started to experiment with creating psychedelic paintings that react to the environments they are shown in.

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Avery Gibbes

Avery Gibbes's current practice revolves around the continual creation and exploration of an imaginary alien world. Each painting builds off of the previous one, giving viewers a deeper look into what exists within the world that he is showcasing.

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Olivia Di Gregorio

Olivia Di Gregorio is an Canadian artist with a mixed background of Chinese and Italian heritage. She expresses about femininity, childhood, and melancholy in oil painted subjects, integrating contemporary ideals and identities into a classic mythological framework.

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Dawn Howie

A Still Life Photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Dawn's time at OCAD university has helped her developed both artistic and commercial practices. Her practice explores macro photography, emphasizing patterns and shapes. She love capturing clean and crisp images that focus on the finer details. 

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Mason Barnes-Crouse

Mason Barnes-Crouse, a Toronto-based painter, comic artist, and illustrator. He explores the trappings of social anxiety and human isolation. While he often use human figures to highlight the power of interpersonal connection against loneliness, he is beginning to work more with empty spaces.

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Guillaume Marie Goder

Guillaume is a freelance Illustrator and concept artist. As a kid, he was always naturally fascinated by the human form and elements of nature, Guillaume began drawing and painting people around him, mainly portraits of his family and still now, painting people's faces is still his favourite thing to do.

Partial Gallery page

Alejandro Rizzo Nervo

Alejandro's practice is based on photography, collage, photomontage, and non traditional printing processes that deal with politics and LGBTQ+ issues, and it is made to expose problems related to my personal experiences. Works produced have been part of group shows in Canada and Italy. 

Partial Gallery page

Refaya Turshin

Refaya Turshin is a Bangladeshi born, Toronto-based fine artist and photographer whose work focuses on hybrid photography and combining other interdisciplinaries. Turshin takes interest in abstract, structured, rendered, conceptually theorised contemporary art and is often inspired by the less is more. 

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Gillian Toliver

 Gillian Toliver is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto. As an artist of mixed Scottish and Caribbean descent, her work often explores spaces existing in an in-between, a world caught in a moment of creation. In an honouring and opening of self, her work is a reaction to the absurdity, multiplicity and fluidity of being. 

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Melissa Patel

Melissa Patel was born and raised in Canada, and is of Portuguese and Indian descent. Her multicultural background has been a key influence in her drawing, painting, and photography work, which she uses to explore themes of family, identity, memory, heritage, and her relationship to nature and the environment. 

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Donnie Nie

From large-scale oil painting, monotype, digital projection, to small-scale ceramic and glass form, Donnie's interdisciplinary abstractions coalesce to manifest an intuitive, gestalt experience. She uses proximity as an instrument to simplify or complicate information over different materials, and eventually inform each other in the same exhibition space.

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Mikayla Lacey

Mikayla Lacey’s work explores the way vulnerability can be used as a tool for creation. She draws upon the intimate experiences of herself and her peers through paint – investigating the gritty, messy, prickly parts of the human experience on canvas. Her work is chaotic, as she reimagines various ways to combine figurative imagery and text with the realm of abstraction.

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Ron Siu

Ron Siu is an artist currently based in Toronto. He graduated with his BFA in Drawing & Painting at OCAD University in 2019. His practice involves painting, print and mixed media, drawing from a wide range of art historical influences as a means to examine a contemporary sense of Romanticism and Queer desire. Siu’s work has been exhibited across Canada and in Glasgow, Scotland. 

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Ahlena Sultana-McGarry

Ahlena is multiracial artist who visually explores diaspora, movement, and my own multiracial identity. Working digitally, I creates fragmented and organically abstract collages that reminisce on my memories between two homelands, cultures, and places of belonging. By applying abstraction and drawing on the ephemerality of the natural world.

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Raquel Da Silva

Raquel Da Silva's recent projects are focused on opening up viewers to consider their own perceptions of the heroic and the monstrous through mythology, the stories we tell ourselves to rationalize and understand difficult moments and how these impact our day-to-day decisions. In 2019 she was artist in residence for Akin Studio Program and  in 2021  PADA Studios Residency in Lisbon. 

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Emma Enright

Emma Enright is a textile artist and designer from Dundas, Ontario.  Her current series of work investigates the materiality of textiles with a specific emphasis on weaving. Embodying traditional weaving techniques she creates contemporary handwoven artwork for interior spaces. 

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Mashayla Ritchie

Mash Ritchie is an emerging abstract artist living and utilizes acrylic and various mediums Ritchie explores visual language and gestural mark making. Generating from ideas of transition, impermanence, and the human condition, her work presents a reality consisting of unsettled intense emotions.

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Desiree Nechacov

Desiree's work is a collection of abstract paintings that explore the polarities of the inner-self. Using oil on canvas and panel, investigating the human subconscious  both inner light and shadow. Her work stems from personal experience, philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and altered consciousness 

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Danielle Coleman

Danielle Coleman is a multidisciplinary artist obsessed with the element of kitsch and heartache within her practice, challenging the taboo of creating work that speaks to romantic relationships. Focused on the philosophy of love in academia, idealized romance within popular culture, and creating a visual language for romance based on personal experiences.

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Bidemi Oloyede

Bidemi Oloyede is an emerging street and portrait documentary photographer born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Now living and working in Toronto, Canada, he uses black and white film to capture both vulnerable and vibrant images that tell a story about his subjects and community. He combines his passion for the historical medium of photography with his interest in the human condition. 

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Hana Elmasry

Through aesthetics of the sublime, Hana capture subjective universality: something everyone experiences except innately, according to their own lived involvement. Her work evokes emotion instead of display it, and aim to have the audience “feel” instead of gaze. Through abstraction, expressionism and slight cubist and gestural handwriting, Hana interprets emotion and perception.

Partial Gallery page

Alysha Rocca

Alysha is a Vaughan-born artist, whose creative practice involves an emphasis on textiles, while still labeling her work as paintings as she believes in that materials are tools to paint with. She is a sustainable artist in my practice by using recycled materials or found objects.

Partial Gallery page

Brian Jiang

Brian Jiang is a queer non-binary artist and illustrator of Chinese descent based in Toronto. Brian’s practice comprises of drawing, painting, illustration, sequential narrative, and animation. Their current work primarily investigates the creation of hypothetical worlds and the reinterpretation of personal memories .

Partial Gallery page

Anastasia Tarkhanova

Anastasia is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, working as  a digital artist, graphic designer, painter, and muralist for private and corporate clients. Anastasia am passionate about exploring different mediums and working on versatile projects to keep the work innovative and fresh.

Partial Gallery page

Daniel Cardoso

Daniel Cardoso is a emerging printmaking artist based in Toronto. His artwork focuses on creating visual narratives and iconographies hidden in intricate patterns as a means of disseminating his past. Daniel's goal is to combine the visual patterns themes of queerness, trauma, mental health, and identity in contemporary print work.

Partial Gallery page

Julia Mathew

Julia is a designer and artist based in Toronto. She specializes in bringing creative strategy and mixed-media together in her work. She's passionate about fresh design thinking— creating a design language rather than a style. She is committed to bringing marginalized voices  and generational immigrant communities to the forefront of her work

Partial Gallery page

Darcy Roop

Darcy was born in Montreal and studied Illustration in Toronto at OCADU. She is a multidisciplinary artist with a commitment to small reminders of joy. Her imagery is naive and whimsical and she loves exploring different art-making methods, such as coloured pencils, painting, ceramic, and textiles. Her work  emphasizes themes of play and longing

Partial Gallery page

Kirollos Kilada

Kirollos is an artist and illustrator based in Mississauga, ON, Canada.  He works in a variety of techniques both old and contemporary in order to create work that finds meaning in mystery and chaos.  As a trained illustrator and artist his work focuses on visual metaphors and symbolic language.  In this way, Kirollos tell peculiar stories from history, current news and every day occurrences.

Partial Gallery page

Varvara Nedilska

Varvara is a Toronto-based Ukrainian Canadian artist whose practice focuses mainly around narrative illustration and  although recently she has been branching out more into printmaking and other media. Her works are in analogue media (most often inks and watercolours) and some of my biggest inspirations are medieval and surrealist art, fashion, folk/“outsider” art and the natural world.

Partial Gallery page 

Lilian Sim

Lilian Sim was born and raised in Toronto. As a trained  illustrator She works in multitude of analogue mediums, primarily  watercolour, ink, and gouache. She also  enjoys working with ceramics, printmaking, and weaving.

Partial Gallery page 

Zuna Amir

Zuna is a Pakistani-Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. The works she creates emphasize form, line and details as a response to the environment around her. The exploration of colour is a central element in Zuna's  artwork paired with the illumination of the ordinary. 

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