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2019 Mackenzie Investments. Works by Madsie Bouffard, Kate Maura and Donny Nie.

2020 Mackenzie Investments



Mackenzie Investments and the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers are excited to announce the return of a one-year exhibition opportunity for graduating students from the Drawing & Painting, Photography and INVC programs at OCAD U. The theme of this exhibition is Creating Inclusive Spaces.

Congratulations to 2020 recipients, Claudia Menecola, Emily Zou and Mithira Anthony.

The Creating Inclusive Spaces exhibition (dates TBC) will be exhibited inside the Mackenzie Investments’ lobby located at 180 Simcoe Street in Toronto.  The exhibition is being developed through deep consultation with stakeholders from across Mackenzie Investments, this special showcase of creative talent from the Drawing & Painting BFA program offers a diversity of emerging voices, materials, subject matter and approaches to contemporary image-making.


Mackenzie Investments


  • Claudia Menecola, Drawing & Painting, 2020
  • Emily Zou, Drawing & Painting, 2020
  • Mithira Anthony, Drawing & Painting, 2020

Claudia Menecola is a Toronto-based abstract painter who has recently completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2020. She is also a 2014 graduate from Humber’s Visual and Digital Arts program with honours where she received the Jamie Simmons Memorial Award for exemplary dedication to her art practice. Claudia has exhibited work in various shows prior to and during her time at OCAD University, most recently the Fresh Paint/New Construction exhibit at Art Mûr in Montreal.

Emily is a Toronto-based artist who studied Fine Art at DJCAD andgraduated from OCAD U with a BFA in Drawing & Painting. She specializes indrawing, painting, and illustration but has a great love for ceramics.Consistently throughout her work, Emily creates psychologicalmindscapes with imagery inspired by mental health, dreams, and personal narratives, andexplores themes that are public and private, harmonious and chaotic, and lightand dark. In an age where mental illness and mental health awareness continueto rise, she hopes that her work can contribute to this conversation andencourage dialogue, connection and understanding.

Mithira Anthony is aTamil-Canadian Painter from Brampton, Ontario. In fall of 2019, she graduatedfrom OCAD University with the Bachelor of Fine Arts. The conceptual idea behind her work is letting go of expectationsfitting into society just like a stretched canvas, but to branch out of thecanvas and fill the room with color. Mithira uses different mediums to navigatethrough process of self-discovery to a physical form such as artworks orsculptures.


Zviko Mhakayakora
Special Projects Coordinator
P: 416 977 6000 Ext. 3707

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