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The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) is excited to announce the 3rd annual Career Launcher Fund for graduating students. Emerging artists and designers are invited to apply for funds that will support activities relating to their early career success as they transition out of school. Proposed expenses could include anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success. Special attention will be given to proposals that take into consideration the numerous privileges and access that end once students leave school, such as facilities, community, and mentorship. in 2019, the Fund awarded 44 applications from individuals and collectives of OCAD University. 


Fahmina Ahmed
Equipment rental for documentation of work

Farhana Ahmed
Equipment rental for documentation of work

Raul Altosaar
TEI 2019 Conference Registration

Daniel Antonucci
Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad Membership

Sonia Beckwith
8-page risograph publication for GradEx presentation

Kristy Boyce
GradEx exhibition support

Ramona Caprariu
Exhibition assistance and production equipment rentals

Anita Cazzola
Residency application fee, Inter/Access workshop and CraftOntario membership

Eugenia Chan
TOAF 2019 exhibition assistance

Stephanie Cloutier
Paperhouse Studio membership, installation material, andsubmission fees

Danielle Coleman

CARFAC membership, Artspace Exhibition membership

Dylan Cooney
TAIS membership, submission fees to film festivals

Eryn Crowell
Laser-cutting, professional documentation

Saloni Das
Competition fee, laser-cut rapid prototyping, and frames

Hannah DeJonge, Willow Sharp, Zana Wensel
Studio rental for exhibition Tangible Practices

Alexandra Desplanque
Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad membership

Madeline Feder

Installation material

Dana Feldman
Submission fees to art magazines

Suhmer Hyatt
Installation material

Breanne Jeethan
RGD membership

Alyson Kennedy
LEED Green Building certification

Amy Kim

Christopher Kinsman
Production of display plinth

Amoolia Kodukulla
Studio rental for documentation

Joel Lee
RDG membership, Adobe software

Mikayla Li
GradEx exhibition assistance, installation and marketing material.

Robin Love
Equipment rental

Christina MacLellan
Canvas stretching

Cliodhna McMullin, Susan Pollock, Inga Gircyte
Assistance for exhibition Crossing Boundaries

Agata Mrozowski
TSV membership, digital skill workshops, and small book production

Donny Nie
Submission and membership fees

Do Park
RGD membership, submissions to RGD designation and Core77Design Award

Sebastian Pines
Mannequin rental

Anna Pogossyan
Taxas Instruments’ mmWave Sensor start pack

Nima Salimi
Workshop fees

Abby Saul
Submission fees to film festivals

Ramsha Shakeel
Software and equipment rental

Ronald Siu
Gallery 44 membership, and residency application fee

Dana Snow
Exhibition assistance

Lily Snowden-Fine
Documentation of work

Adam de Souza
TFCA table fee

Tommy Ting
TMAC Gamme Space

Kenny Tran
Submission fees to film festivals

Zoe Trommer
Dress form

"The Career Launcher Fund has been amazing in supporting my career as an emerging artist. The idea of transiting from student to emerging artist upon graduation has been daunting until I was informed that I got financial support from this funding…. I was able to gain exposure and a smooth transition from student to emerging artist. In addition, I found it very helpful to have financial assistance for software to create new work (something I was given as a student and did not consider as an independent artist). The fund was amazing in jump starting my career as an artist, indirectly granted me exposure, and more importantly, lessened the financial strain of submitting my artwork into the art community." - Tommy Truong


Zviko Mhakayakora
Special Projects Coordinator
P: 416 977 6000 Ext. 3707

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