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Ossington Public Exhibition



Hullmark Developments and the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers are excited to announce "the Tile was Still" is the winning proposal of Ossington Public Exhibition Career Launcher

Curated by Natalie Castrogiovanni and featuring artworks by Cleo Halfpenny, Sangmin Lee, and Josi Smit, the exhibition will open in April 2019 at 12 Ossington St. Toronto - a boutique-like space with large window opening out to the busy Ossington street. The proposal also receives a project support of $ 2,500 from the CEAD. 

The tile was still the same

The tile was still the same is a window-oriented installation that draws from the sense of wonder we feel when we witness idiosyncratic scenes emanating from a retail strip. in The tile was still the same, Cleo Halfpenny's dream-like soft sculptures, Sangmin Lee's construction-inspired framing apparatuses, and Josi Smi's ghostly structures will mingle in layered tableaux. The artists will assemble the scene of pre-existing and new works - store fixtures salvaged from shuttered local businesses adorned with abstracted quilting (Halfpenny), tall flats with wallpaper patterns engraved into their drywalls (Lee), translucent vertical blinds dangling from delicate curved steel shelving (Smit), to describe a few. The works will be staged in a theatre-like format that anticipate the fixed-point perspectives of the window, revealing partially obscured details from the window edges. The tile was still the same will be lit with three to five "light-fixture sculptures," around which the rest of sculptures will orbit. When viewed at night, the edges of the exhibition will vignette into darkness, with the illuminated installation glowing in the centre like an incandescent beacon drifting off into the shadowy textures once dulled by the light of day. 


Hullmark Developments Ltd.


  • Natalie Castrogiovanni (SCIN 2017)
  • Cleo Halfpenny (SCIN 2019)
  • Sangmin Lee (SCIN 2018)
  • Josi Smit (SCIN 2018) 

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© Hullmark Developments Ltd.

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