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The Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) is excited to announce the very first Career Launcher Fund for graduating students. Emerging artists and designers are invited to apply for funds that will support activities relating to their early career success as they transition out of school. Proposed expenses could include anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success. Special attention will be given to proposals that take into consideration the numerous privileges and access that end once students leave school, such as facilities, community, and mentorship.

"The Career Launcher Fund has been amazing in supporting my career as an emerging artist. The idea of transiting from student to emerging artist upon graduation has been daunting until I was informed that I got financial support from this funding…. I was able to gain exposure and a smooth transition from student to emerging artist. In addition, I found it very helpful to have financial assistance for software to create new work (something I was given as a student and did not consider as an independent artist). The fund was amazing in jump starting my career as an artist, indirectly granted me exposure, and more importantly, lessened the financial strain of submitting my artwork into the art community."
-Tommy Truong


Paolo Aguila 
ACIDO Rocket Conference + Business Cards

Sara Barr
Illustrative pin product line

Iman Aziz Bhatti
Membership fee, exhibition fee, production expenses

Andrew Watch
Membership fees, production expenses, submission fees, web hosting subscription and custom domain expense

Lenox Daley
Membership and bookbinding class

Angelica Fernandes
CARFAC membership + 
Toronto Tool Library + sewing classes

Natasha Hirt
Production costs, exhibition fees

Elaine Zhao
LEED application fee, exam fee, NCIDQ application fee, Practice Design Problem Exam, and format fee

Adam Marin
Toronto School of Art workshop

Carmina Mari Miana
Artscape Gibraltar Point residency

Connie Santos
Art Gallery of Ontario membership

Lis Xu
Application fees and production costs

Kendra Yee
Mentor sessions to develop skill building in regards to grant writing, application assistance and individual critique

Kristen Thomson
ACIDO Rocket Conference

Tommy Truong
Membership fees, workshop fee, submission fee

Angie Tupper
Production costs for a series of lenticular prints

Dalbert Vilarino
Production costs for printed material and submission fees to zine and craft shows

"The Career Launcher Fund has had a fundamentally crucial impact on the start of my career. It feels like my opportunities are increasing in number and scale as my social and professional network grows, which certainly would have been a slower process without the the school’s assistance. For this, I am very grateful to have been awarded the full amount of the grant."

-Dalbert Vilarino

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