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2023 Career Launcher Fund


For the 7th annual Career Launcher Fund for graduating students, emerging artists and designers were invited to apply for a funding opportunity relating to career supports and skills building as they transition out of school. Proposed expenses can anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success and activities in one of the four funding pillars: 

  • Showcasing or distributing your work 
  • Skills development 
  • Access to networks 
  • Supporting your creative business 

A jury consisting of representatives from the OCAD Student Union and faculty made selections. In 2023, the Fund awarded 50 applications from individuals and collectives of OCAD University from a selection of 55 applicants. 

This opportunity is made possible by generous donors, including the Gordon Eberts Prize.


All Undergraduate and Master's students graduating in 2023.


Aimee (Jiayi) Chen

To support printing and to submit thesis project to competitions such as the UX Design Awards and the Red Dot Award.     

Alina Danilyuk         

To support exhibition display costs for GradEx.     

Alina Hou         

To support printing business cards, website hosting and submission fees for contests.      

Andrew Hamilton         

To complete one or more Google Certificates on Coursera.

Aydan Hasanova

To support the cost of Toon Boom Harmony, an industry standard animation software, to work on animation demo reel for job applications.         

Betty Shao

To cover the expenses for Grad Ex display and products for the print shop.         

Boyu Jiang

To support advising costs such as website and printing.      

Cecily Ou         

To support developing a digital and print publication to accompany a year-long curatorial residency.         

Christina Chen

To purchase font design software and support website hosting.

Christina van Putten       

To support the final presentation and documentation of their thesis at GradEx.        

Cindy Lee       

To support printing and GradEx display costs.

Diana Kapitonova 

To apply for awards such as LifeFramer and to take the Google UX course.

Duy Nguyen         

To print a booklet as part of GradEx thesis showcase.

Ella Claire Taylor         

To support exhibition display costs such as materials, facility and equipment expenses.      

Ella Verner         

To support marketing and professional prints for GradEx.         

Emily Withers

To purchase a Artscape Daniels Launchpad membership to use their wood studio.

Fiona McLean

To support exhibition costs related to GradEx.

Gabrielle Lynn Schwartz  

To support GradEx, cover student award application fees, and create promotional materials.

Hannah Frandsen

To support GradEX display materials, produce business cards, and purchase a custom domain for one year. 

Helio Eudoro Rodriguez Junior

To apply for a booth at Spring Barns Art Market         

Holly Bygrove

To print business cards for GradEx and apply to film festivals.         

Claudia (Hui Yun) Cui

To pay for website and production fees related to GradEx.  

Hyunsun Park

To support GradEx preparation; framing, printing, and business cards.    

Ivy Chen
To support printing, tabling and website costs.

Jen Wright

To attend a pottery crash course at ClayArt.         

Jenny Tchen

To grow their mould-making skills. 

Kayla Descoteaux Ellemberg 

To support costs with website domain and hosting, and printing materials for GradEx.

Kiki Hamazaki

To support printing their graphic novel to distribute at GradEx.   

Laura Zeng

To assist with displaying, promoting, and distributing my work at GradEx and online.         

Lei Zhang

To support material fees for showcasing works.         

Lisa Cavion

To support membership to Artscape Daniels Launchpad.         

Liz Liu

To support GradEx printing costs         

Luz America Paczka Giorgi

To join professional networks such as the Service Design Network, take courses in the field of health design and to disseminate thesis work through printing and entering awards.

Madelaine Henriques

To cover expenses related to the exhibition of their thesis project during GradEx.         

Madeline Yee

To assist with costs associated with GradEx display and to apply to competitions.      

Marisa Kelly

To support website hosting, printing and canvasing fees associated with their portfolio project.

Nidhi Treesa Paul

To take course for CPACC certification and subscribe to Interaction Design Foundation for UX courses  

Raquel Lopes

To print business cards for GradEx and prints.         

Rashvena Khosa

To purchase a CARFAC membership, professional photo documentation and materials for an upcoming show.  

Tir Tabandeh

To purchase Storyboard Pro, membership to Women in Animation (WIA) and Schoolism.         

Samira Nassiri

To take UX/UI courses at the University of Toronto Bootcamp.         

Scott Lalonde

To print business cards, purchase an SD card and membership to International Documentary Association and Gallery 44.         

Solha Park

To print posters for thesis work and for frames.    

Sophia Chavez 

To create sculptural dolls through mould making for applying to calls such as Xpace.         

Theodore Rosenfield

To properly document thesis work.         

Tina (Huating) Yan

To fund GradEx expenses (display, products for shop) and application costs for exhibitions and conventions.  

Trinity Leon

To purchase supplies for GradEx and development for creative business.         

Vinny Patel

To take the Google UX Design course and produce prints for GradEx.

Vladimir Kanic

To print catalogues of artwork related to exhibition at Artist Project TO in April 2023.         

Yan Wu

To support the attendance and exhibition fees to the One of a Kind Show.         

The RBC Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) is excited to announce the 7th annual Career Launcher Fund for graduating students. Emerging artists and designers are invited to apply for a funding opportunity relating to career supports and skills building as they transition out of school. Proposed expenses can anything that would be important to advancing an individual’s career success and activities in one of the four funding pillars: 

  • Showcasing or distributing your work 
  • Skills development 
  • Access to networks 
  • Supporting your creative business 

Proposed expenses must be specific, create a compelling case for support, and should be something important to advancing your career success. Special attention will be given to proposals that take into consideration the numerous privileges and access that end once you leave school, such as facilities, community, knowledge and skill acquisition, and mentorship.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of representatives from OCAD U faculties and student representatives. 

This opportunity is made possible by generous donors, including the Gordon Eberts Prize.


  • Professional development and skill-building (Courses, Classes and Workshop Fees; Apprenticeship).
    *In partnership with the OCAD U RBC CEAD and the Career Launcher Fund, OCAD U School of Continuing Studies will be offering discount course offerings for the total cost of $350 with no tax, to match the maximum fund amount available for each selected applicant. Email Zev Farber ( and Shellie Zhang ( with the subject line "CL Fund School of Continuing Studies" to inquire about this pathway.
  • Short-term rental fees (Studios and Facilities)
  • Production expenses (Software, Professional Services)
  • Membership or subscription fees (Associations and Organizations; Software; Facility Access and Equipment Loans)
  • Submission fees (Awards, Residencies, Exhibitions and Publications)
  • Ticket and attendance fees (Conferences, fairs, trade shows)
  • Exhibition assistance (Production, Promotion, Documentation)
  • Production, promotion, documentation
  • + much more 


  • Travel costs
  • Event and hospitality expenses (food, catering, drinks, etc)
  • Accommodation or long-term studio rental costs
  • Substantial equipment or tool purchases (rentals and purchasing minor tools are permitted) 
  • Proposals covered by other OCAD U funding programs like the OCAD U Commitmentemergency loans, Student Union Project Grants, etc.

For more information, please visit the archive section of our Career Launcher website to see past recipients and examples of successful applications (20222021, 2020, 2019


The OCAD U RBC CEAD is committed to promoting substantive equality for equity-seeking groups that are under-represented in the creative sector. We encourage applications from first-time applicants to the program and graduates of equity-seeking communities including racialized and Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities / expressions. Applicants are welcome to advise the CEAD of any accommodations needed to ensure you have access to a fair and equitable process. 

Applicants who need assistance with their submissions are invited to connect with the RBC CEAD for Advising supportClick here to learn more about how to book an advising appointment.


All Undergraduate and Master's students graduating in 2023


  • Current CV or Resume
  • A one sentence summary of how you intend to use the fund
  • Written proposal (max. 500 words) outlining the proposed use of funds and the significance of the opportunity to your practice and or/ career.ƒ
  • Include an itemized budget proposal outlining eligible expenses. Proposed expenses must be specific and could be up to $350 (minimum requested amount - $100). Be specific. Round to the nearest dollar.
  • Portfolio link or PDF sample highlighting 3-5 works demonstrating the nature of your creative practice. Include a list of the works you are highlighting. 


Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 8:00 AM ET


  • Applicants are welcome to use this downloadable budget template for their application.
  • The Career Launcher Fund does not support reimbursements for items already purchased. 
  • Successful applicants will not be asked to submit receipts.
  • Applicants must make sure that currencies are proposed expenses are in CAD before submitting to jury. Please include cost in original currency and converted to CAD.


Apply via Typeform here:


Applicants who have concerns about meeting a Career Launcher application deadline are invited to connect with the CEAD in order to discuss possible alternatives. We encourage all who might require assistance with the application process to reach out to determine available support. Outreach of this nature should be undertaken at least one week prior to the published application deadline.

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