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Parks Canada


One graduating Photography student will be employed at Canada’s first national urban park!

Closed – recipient announced!

Akin Collective

Drawing & Painting

One Drawing & Painting student will be awarded a generous period of free studio space at Akin's inspiring shared workspaces in 2017-18.

Closed – recipient announced!

401 Richmond Studio


The 401 Richmond Career Launcher is a fantastic opportunity will place 4 students in a rent-free, downtown studio space for 1 year.

Closed – recipients announced!

Artscape Youngplace


Participate in a group exhibition in the Hallway Galleries of Artscape Youngplace, with the chance to receive a solo show in 2017!

Closed – recipients announced!

Artscape Youngplace

Criticism & Curatorial Practice

An essay will be commissioned from a Criticism and Curatorial practice student to accompany an upcoming solo exhibition.

Closed – recipient announced!

Artist Project


One Sculpture & Installation & Integrated Media alumni will be commissioned to exhibit a performance piece at the Artist Project.

Closed – recipient announced!

!Xam Diamonds

Material Art & Design

Work with a professional team to support the creation and sale of custom-designed diamond and precious gem set jewellery.

Closed – recipient announced!

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Illustration and Material Art & Design

Graduating Illustration and Material Art & Design students will have the opportunity to exhibit in Canada's largest and longest running juried contemporary outdoor art fair!

Closed – recipients announced!

Pigeon Brands

Advertising & Graphic Design

Apply your creative skills and education within Canada’s premiere branding and design agency.

Closed – recipients announced!

Career Launcher Fund

Graduating Students

Emerging artists and designers are invited to apply for funds that will support activities relating to their early career success as they transition out of school.

Closed – recipients announced!


Miles Collyer 
Coordinator, Career Development 
P: 416 977 6000 Ext. 4020

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